Media of Kiev junta together with Western media continue to share fakes about "Russian invasion"

Truth about situation in Ukraine


Media of Kiev junta together with Western media continue to share fakes about "Russian invasion"

Since western propagandist agency "Reuters" publish fake story about Russian tanks in Donbass with white circle on corpse, media of Kiev junta and Western media continue to use this fake. Kiev junta media "Obozrevatel" using summer videos, there we can see 1 tank T-72 unknown modification.


Member of fascist battalion "Donbass" pretend that it is "Russian tank" and they capture 5 members of tanks crew. As I know usual number of tank crew is 3 persons. That is more funny, in the both videos you see destroyed by NAF base of Ukrainian fascists. In the video you can see burned vehicles and bodies. Fascist, who recorded this video told that near are "Russian tanks which destroyed their column".
How defeated fascists could to capture something?
For sure, they didn't show crew of "Russian tank", just because it is lie.
Another point about videos, fascists put their vehicles near private homes of people. This way fascists made from them human shield, for sure fascist in the video blame "Russian" in destruction of civilian homes.
Also, T-72 which was used as evidence of "Russian invasion" is most widely produced tank in the world. This tank except Ukraine produced Poland and Czech.
You can to find some useful information about this tank even in the Wikipedia
By our sources some Arab countries which modernized their T-72 by help of Russian factories, sold unknown number of these tanks to Kiev junta. It was done by influence of USA in order to use it in the anti-Russian propaganda.

In the photo screen-shoot of Kiev media with fake article.

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