Princess Tatiana Constantinovna of Russia, Princess Bagration-Mukhransky

Princess Tatiana Constantinovna of Russia, Princess Bagration-Mukhransky

Ajoutée le 3 août 2015

Princess Tatiana Constantinovna of Russia (23 January 1890–28 August 1979) was the third child and oldest daughter of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia by his wife, Elisaveta Mavrikievna, née Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg.

In the spring of 1911, Tatiana Konstantinovna became engaged to Prince Constantine Bagration of Mukhrani (2 March 1889, Tbilisi, - 19 May 1915, Jarosław), a Georgian by birth who was serving in a Russian Imperial Guards regiment. Legally Tatiana Konstantinovna's marriage was morganatic. Tatiana Konstantinovna and her Georgian prince were married, at her father's estate at Pavlovsk, on 3 September 1911. Tatiana and Prince Constantine Bagration of Mukhrani had two children: Teymuraz Bagration (1912-1992) and Natasha Bagration (1914-1984)

After the outbreak of World War I, Konstantin enlisted in Russia’s armed forces, and was killed in action in 1915. Her brother Oleg was wounded in action, and subsequently died on 29 September 1914 at Vitebsk Hospital in Vilno. Three other brothers, Ioann, Konstantin and Igor, were murdered by Bolsheviks in 1918.

Tatiana Konstantinovna is reported to have become especially close to her uncle, Grand Duke Dmitri Konstantinovich during her widowhood. After the February Revolution, she stayed with him in his palace, where she fell in love with his aide-de-camp, Alexander Korochenzov (17 August 1877 – 6 February 1922). She left Russia with Korochenzov and her young children. 

In November 1921, they married in Geneva. Not quite three months later, however, Tatiana became a widow for the second time when Alexander died in Lausanne the 18 february 1922. Tatiana raised her children alone, and, after both were grown and married, she took the veil. She died as Mother Tamara, Abbess of the Mount of Olives Convent on 28 August 1979 in Jerusalem.

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