Recrutement de dégénérés de tous pays pour venir aider Kiev : comme en Syrie !

Swedish intelligence chief :
Dozens of our neo-Nazis are fighting Novorossiya
photo © РИА Новости. Николай Лазаренко
Anders Thornburg, head of the Swedish Security Service, said in an interview with Swedish Radio said that more than 30 Swedish neo-Nazis are fighting in the Ukrainian army against Novorossiya Thornburg added that five to ten of them had taken direct part in the hostilities, while the rest are helping to spread propaganda and undergoing weapons and explosives training.
Thornburg said that the problem is not their presence in Ukraine per se, or that they are fighting on Kiev’s side, but that these “brave boys” could pose a national security threat upon returning to Sweden.
He added that more than 100 Swedish citizens have fought in the ranks of terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.
"So far they’ve been more organized than the neo-Nazis, and they have a clear goal – global jihad," said Thornburg.
But in the future, in his opinion, members of the Swedish far right who trained in Ukraine could pose a serious threat to Sweden’s security.
Читать далее: http://en.ukraina.ru/news/20141123/1011259804.html

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